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Volunteer Flag Company was founded in 1974 as a small business in northeast Tennessee. Our goal was to serve the local area by providing the best flags and safety banners for the trucking industry. We did that faithfully for many years, but after 9/11 the owner saw a need to focus more on the flag side of the business. After that we began growing rapidly, receiving more and more orders from a post-9/11 America with a sense of renewed optimism and appreciation for American liberty.

By 2014, though, the Volunteer Flag Company was struggling and needed direction. Several of its longtime employees were doing their best to keep the company afloat after the passing of the company’s founder. Seeing an opportunity to helm the ship, Anthony Fine bought the company and eventually phased out the safety products line, instead dedicating the vast majority of the company’s resources to making high-quality flags made in the U.S.A. That decision really transformed the company and made it into what it is today.

After a few years of tapering success, Anthony Fine rebuilt Volunteer Flag Company from the ground up and gave direction to a team that had until then had been hard-pressed to keep the business going. After decades of serving loyal customers and expanding the flag collection, Volunteer Flag Company was finally operating at peak performance. That story carried the company to where it is today. Flags we sell have been flown all over the world at international companies, Washington D.C., and the U.S. Military. We’ve had great success, and we’re humbled by it.
Anthony Fine is married with two children and enjoys going off-roading in his Jeep and he plays the piano at his church.

Our Lasting Impression

We owe our success and great reputation to the Nylon flag. When you combine the beauty of a fully embroidered Starfield with the highest quality nylon fabric with color matched thread, you have a beautiful flag that will fly smoothly in the lightest breeze. Our nylon flags are meticulously constructed with X-boxing on the fly hems and a full ¼” turn on all seams. This assembly provides you with the best wearing and longest lasting nylon flag that can be bought in the industry. Choosing our Nylon grants you beauty and quality at a reasonable price. 

Our PolyExtra flags are specially designed and meticulously crafted. The two-ply polyester fabric is specially loomed and dyed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, counteract the effects of ultraviolet light, and remain crisp and bright year round. Our PolyExtra material is extremely durable and ideal for commercial applications and high wind areas. Their embroidered stars, brilliant colors, and finely crafted details make them a beautiful outdoor flag as well. These flags set a high standard and their durability and elegance secure their place as one of our most prominent products.

We Provide You With Long Lasting Amazing Flags

 Since 1974, our skilled and dependable workforce has delivered quality products and customer service on time to cultivate and sustain long-lasting customer relationships. Volunteer Flag Company provides products for companies all over the United States. Meeting the flag needs of residents, business owners, and organizations with our high-quality products made in the USA. We are small enough to offer personal care and exceptional quality while still being able to fulfill large orders, something you just don’t find at the big box stores and large websites!