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Michigan State Flag


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Flag Material Options

Compare nylon versus polyester materials to determine what material type is best for your needs.


Our Nylon flags are crafted using aniline-dyed 100% heavyweight 200-denier nylon bunting. Nylon material is fast drying, treated to resist fading, and flies in the slightest breeze. Finished with white poly-cotton header.


Our Poly-Max Flags are crafted using 2-ply 100% polyester bunting. The open weave construction reduces wind resistance, increasing flag life. Poly-Max material is extremely durable and ideal for commercial applications and high wind areas. Finished with white poly-cotton header.

Flag Size Options

We offer our Michigan flags in the following sizes:

  • 12in x 18in
  • 2ft x 3ft
  • 3ft x 5 ft
  • 4ft x 6ft
  • 5ft x 8 ft
  • 6ft x 10ft
  • 8ft x 12ft
  • 12ft x 18ft

Michigan State Flag Meaning and History

The Michigan flag is dark blue and features the state’s coat of arms. In the coat of arms is a man raising his hand to represent peace while also holding a long gun to represent fighting as a frontier state. The sun rises over a lake and peninsula to show the beauty of Michigan.

An elk and a moose are supporting the coat of arms. The bald eagle also sits atop the coat of arms to represent how the US formed Michigan from the Northwest Territory of Canada. The flag has also features three Latin mottos.

This present flag was adopted in 1911 and is the third official state flag of Michigan.

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