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Arkansas State Flag

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Nylon vs Polyester

Our Nylon flags are crafted using aniline-dyed, 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting. Nylon material is fast drying, treated to resist fading, and flies in the slightest breeze. Finished with white poly-cotton header.

Our Poly-Max Flags are crafted using 2-ply 100% polyester bunting. The open weave construction reduces wind resistance, increasing flag life. Poly-Max material is extremely durable and ideal for commercial applications and high wind areas. Finished with white poly-cotton header.

A Brief History of Arkansas

Arkansas was the 25th of the United States to receive official adoption into the United States of America. The territory was bought by the U.S. federal government as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1819 and was officially declared a state in 1836.

Arkansas is known both as The Natural State and The Land of Opportunity. Named for the native Quapaw indigenous group that originally occupied the land, Arkansas was named by the early French settlers in the area. The French referred to the natives as well as the river as the “Arkansas” people and the “Arkansas” river.

The state is home to both the famous Ouachita National Forest, which was established by President Theodore Roosevelt himself in 1907 and the Ouachita Mountains. These landmarks are well known across the nation and set Arkansas apart as a unique state – one out of many.

The Origin of the Arkansas State Flag

The Arkansas state flag was first decided by committee decision in 1913 when the Pine Bluff group commissioned the creation of a statewide flag contest to come up with an official state flag. While many of the flags incorporated the state seal, state flower, or the outline of the state of Arkansas, the officially designated state flag was a very different design.

The 25 stars on the flag signify that Arkansas was the 25th state in the United States to be officially adopted. The lone star above the word “Arkansas” was a way to commemorate the state’s involvement in the Confederate States of America during the Civil War years from 1861 to 1865.

The three stars underneath “Arkansas” represent that Arkansas has seen involvement from three different countries: France, Spain, and the United States. It also refers to the fact that Arkansas was the third state to be annexed by the Louisiana Purchase (after Louisiana and Missouri).

The Arkansas state flag has a great deal of meaning and stands as a proud symbol of the diverse heritage and fascinating history of the state. Show your pride for the state of Arkansas by ordering this high-quality flag from Volunteer Flag Company. We make great flags for our fellow Americans to express their love and appreciation for the freedom our great nation affords us.

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